Distribution of current ranges

Our purchasing team work in close partnership with our suppliers, providing a highly personalised, targeted approach that can unlock new, or hard to access markets through focused campaigns.

Whether you are an already established brand looking to grow a new consumer segment or you have a new or innovative product, that needs international exposure, Red Box will work with you to ensure that together we build and maintain a sustainable distribution model.

Red Box offer an unrivalled and international distribution network. Our customers include some of the largest European Retailers, distributors and online etailers along with vertical markets, incentive and promotion companies, independents and daily deal sites.

Excess Inventory

Red Box is interested in your excess inventory:

The ability to sell through end-of-line or over-stocked inventory is critical to any fast moving manufacturer. Red Box provide access to a strong network of international customers, allowing the redistribution of your products without disrupting established channels and pricing structures.

Our suppliers rely on us to redistribute their products based on restrictions.  Our sales team are careful not to disrupt current channel pricing whilst ensuring maximum return on investment. We can offer cash purchases, easing cash flow in your business and allowing you to focus on current stock lines